Monday 27 July 2015

What's Up With My Hair?

Selfie on my way to The Lunch Club

Hey guys! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever even though it's just been a week. Nothing has really been happening with my hair because I've had a protective style for about 2 weeks now.

I got Bob braids again. You can check out the first Bob braids I did here. I decided to do it again because the first time I did it, it was really short and that wasn't what I wanted. I ended up liking it but at the end of the day, I had wanted them much longer so I knew I was going to try again.

This time, I asked the hair stylist to make them a bit smaller and longer. I showed her a picture of what I wanted but apparently she didn't understand and was confused when I told her she had to burn the ends not put them in hot water *sigh.. so much for trying someone new. I like it but it's not as long as I would have liked..again so I guess I'll have to try it a third time lol. 

I've been enjoying having my hair in braids because I don't have to think of styles to do to my hair and Washday doesn't take too long. 

By the way, I discovered a new oil for my hair.. Grapeseed oil! The only oil I've been using for a while is castor oil because that's the only oil that doesn't make my hair feel greasy or hard.. or so I thought. Castor oil is too thick and expensive to use every time I wash my hair or want to seal after moisturising. It also causes buildup faster when I use it on my scalp when I have braids. 

I wanted something a bit lighter that I could use for prepooing and for my scalp whenever I have braids. I also don't want my hair to get thicker and even though there isn't scientific proof that castor oil does this, there's a possibility. 

I got Natural Nigerian's Grapeseed Oil from Olori. My scalp was feeling a bit dry so after spritzing it, I used grapeseed oil and it helped. I used it about 3 times last week, and I also used it to prepoo before washing my braids on Saturday. I love how it's not too thick but not too light either and I can't wait to try it out on my hair when I take out my braids. 

I guess that's what has been going on with my hair. I haven't taken a lot of pictures with these bob braids.. I think I'm already tired of them and I'm going back to long braids after this. 

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful week! 

Oyime :) 


  1. I've never tried grapeseed oil. Maybe because I don't use oils much. I like castor oil for my scalp mixed with an essential oil. At the moment I use drugstore castor oil (350 NGN) mixed with drugstore eucalyptus oil (450 NGN). Score!
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Oh wow 350 for castor oil. I will definitely be on the lookout the next time I go to a supermarket

  2. I've also had to repeat styles until I had what I desired. Lol.

    1. Lol its so annoying having to repeat styles

  3. It's lovely nonetheless. How long do you intend to keep this in?

    1. Thank you! I had it for almost 4 weeks before taking it out 2 days ago


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