Monday 8 June 2015

Bob Box Braids !!!

Hey guys!! It's Monday again *sigh. Hope you had fun last weekend! I went for the NHCG Salon Day Out yesterday which was fun. What did you get up to?

So, I tried something new about a week ago. Bob Box Braids! Do you remember this style from when we were younger? Who would have thought it would be back. I never did it though, because I wanted longer braids the few times of the year I got to do braids. 

This was impulsive for me because, my plan was to thread my hair and put it in mini twists for a week or 2. I had washed my hair the night before and re-moisturised it in the morning. When I thought about the stress of threading my hair and then spending hours twisting the next day, I called the lady who does my hair to ask if she was available to do my hair. She was, so I told her I wanted to do really big braids. 

On my way to the salon, I was complaining about how I'm always doing long box braids and how I want to do something different. Then, I remembered Ekene of The Kink and I's post about Bob box braids, quickly googled some pictures and decided to do it. I was a bit scared because I haven't done really short braids before and I didn't want to be stuck with something that wouldn't fit me. I didn't want to do the same style again though, so I decided to just do it. 

When I got to the salon, the hairdresser had already cut the braiding hair into 3 sections because, she thought I was doing my usual style. When I told her what I was doing, she cut those 3 sections into 6 which made it really short so she had to keep adding hair as she was braiding.
The first thing she did was, zig-zag cornrows of about 5 lines at the back of my hair, and then she made the braids long enough to cover them.

After braiding, she burnt the ends and then cut off the rest of the braids. I don't mind the burnt ends look but because of how short the braids are, the ends keep irritating the skin on my neck.. and me to be honest. It's quite annoying just having burnt ends on your neck. The next time I get them done, I shouldn't have this problem because I'll make them longer and I'll use rubber bands at the end of each braid instead of burning them.

I usually pin both sides with hair pins because it looks nicer that way and I can also get the hair out of my face. 

I'm really happy I tried something different this time with my braids and I'm looking forward to trying other styles this year. Have a wonderful week guys!

Oyime :) 


  1. Your braids are super cute. Very well done! :)

  2. i love how it looks on you, fits perfectly well

  3. Beautiful is the word.

  4. It looks great on you. Sorry about the neck irritation.


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