Monday, 14 March 2016

Naturals in The City 14!

Hey people! How was your weekend? NITC 14 was on Saturday and it was organised by Ms IsiomaThe Kink & I Carib Healthand Natural Nigerian. 

The theme for this meet up was 'Promoting a Natural Lifestyle'. There were quite a number of talks and I found them very interesting and I learnt a lot. I missed the panel discussion because I was late and I got there in the middle of the talk by Kanyinsola Vera-Cruz of 'Tresses". She is a trichologist and she talked about causes of hair loss. 

According to her, it could be:
  • Hereditary
  • Genetics
  • Hunger
  • Healing 
  • Hormones 
  • Hassle 
  • Hairdressing
The next speaker was Banke Wilcox Claude who talked about fitness. 

She talked about weight loss and how a lot of people go on 'Fad diets' and might lose a lot of weight, but end up putting on even more weight after this. This is because they go back to eating the things they used to before the diet and don't change their lifestyle. 

After this, there was a talk by Ezenwa Onwugbenu about 'What to Eat'. He was at the last NITC but I missed his talk so I was happy I could be there for it this time. 

He spoke about how studies have shown that eating ancestral foods keeps people healthy.

One of the foods he talked about was wheat. He spoke about how the way wheat was eaten in the past is different from how it's eaten now. In the past, it was soaked for several days and so in fermentation, gluten and enzyme inhibitors are broken down. When this isn't done, it damages your intestinal lining and this is what is happening to a lot of people now.

Another food he talked about was rice. According to him, rice does not have a lot of nutrients so, eating it everyday which a lot of Nigerians do will cause deficiencies. 

He gave examples of healthy foods to eat such as boiled/roasted yam, plantain, Irish potatoes & sweet potatoes.

There were quite a number of vendors so people were able to do some shopping and stock up on products.

I really love those twists. 

You can read a recap on Don't Touch the Hair. She live tweeted the event just like she did at the last meet up.

Have a lovely week!

Oyime :) 


  1. I have natural hair, like 4c Nigerian!
    But how come I didn't get the memo *sad*‎ 

    1. Aww you should follow The Kink and I on Instagram or their blog so you'll know when the next meet up is :)


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